Saturday, 14 May 2016

My Fiction (and other) News - Updates

[Update: Oct 3 2018: Many thanks to those readers who have emailed to say they have enjoyed Mamelon, Books 1 & 2. No, it i not in print as I was unable to interest a publisher at the time and gave up trying to find a literary agent after being let down badly by several who took me on some years ago only to eventually vanish from my radar without a word. My poetry has always been more important to me than my fiction so I may have given up too soon, but no worries and I enjoyed every minute of creating the fiction so no regrets either.]

[Update Feb 19 2018: As requested by some readers who seem unable to access Google Play, I am returning Blasphemy to the blog in two parts this week:

An overseas reader emailed about my fiction recently but says he  cannot access my poetry blogs. For any readers who may be interested, I also post links to new and historical posts/poems on my Google Plus site:  

Meanwhile, thank you for your continuing interest in my published and unpublished fiction; it is very encouraging, and critical feedback is always helpful. As with my poetry blogs, I don't post comments but always read them, and will reply if you include an email address. Or email me direct at:

Several readers have emailed to say they had difficulty finding novels on the blog. Here are the links to first chapters, and you will find that each is preceded by a synopsis (except Blasphemy where the full synopsis was lost while returning it to the blog.)

DOG ROSES  (gay-interest)
SACRILEGE (gay-interest/ crime)
[Sequel to Blasphemy; See Google Play – Blasphemy – Taber)

CATCHING UP WITH MURDER (gay-interest/crime)



MAMELON (fantasy) [Book One]: The Dying Planet