Saturday, 14 May 2016

My Fiction (and other) News - Updates

Update: April 16th 2019. - Relatively few readers around the world have stayed with my poetry blogs since Google removed its personal G+ sites. Now, I do not use social media any more because I got fed-up with all the stupid and abusive comments even allowing for the fact that I write gay-interest as well as general poetry and there are homophobes out there and not everyone likes poetry anyway. However, if you use Twitter or Facebook and feel able to give me a mention any time, feel free to publish the url for either or both poetry blogs, my fiction blog or wikipedia entry. Feedback suggests that many readers have felt uplifted by the positive thinkingness I try to convey, and that is why I write at all ... because there is too much negative thinking around in societies worldwide and that can't be good for any of us. (If this sounds like a shameless plug, well, I guess it is, but I learned very early in life that 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. Have a good day, folks whoever and wherever you are!]

[Update: March 20th 2019: Those readers who express surprise that I write bothe gay-interest and general poetry are usually even more surprised to discover that i have also turned my hand to both genres of fiction from time to time. Why surprised, I ask myself?  Just because I am gay, doesn't mean my mind-body-spirit is more confined or any the less active than anyone else's. There are gay men and women in all walks of life, living life as much to the full as their environment or society will allow,, and what right have either to dictate how we should live our lives? If fewer people were less preoccupied with stigmatizing others and reinforcing stereotypes, the world would be a happier and more peaceful one. We often hear of people saying they are content to take each day  as it comes. Many if not most of these self-styled philosophers also need to try taking every person as they come, regardless of any differences. As I have pointed out to the less discerning reader on my blogs many times, our differences don't make us different, only human.]

[Update: Oct 3 2018: Many thanks to those readers who have emailed to say they have enjoyed Mamelon, Books 1 & 2. No, it i not in print as I was unable to interest a publisher at the time and gave up trying to find a literary agent after being let down badly by several who took me on some years ago only to eventually vanish from my radar without a word. My poetry has always been more important to me than my fiction so I may have given up too soon, but no worries and I enjoyed every minute of creating the fiction so no regrets either.]

[Update Feb 19 2018: As requested by some readers who seem unable to access Google Play, I am returning Blasphemy to the blog in two parts this week:

An overseas reader emailed about my fiction recently but says he  cannot access my poetry blogs. For any readers who may be interested, I also post links to new and historical posts/poems on my Google Plus site:  

Meanwhile, thank you for your continuing interest in my published and unpublished fiction; it is very encouraging, and critical feedback is always helpful. As with my poetry blogs, I don't post comments but always read them, and will reply if you include an email address. Or email me direct at:

Several readers have emailed to say they had difficulty finding novels on the blog. Here are the links to first chapters, and you will find that each is preceded by a synopsis (except Blasphemy where the full synopsis was lost while returning it to the blog.)

DOG ROSES  (gay-interest)
SACRILEGE (gay-interest/ crime)
[Sequel to Blasphemy; See Google Play – Blasphemy – Taber)

CATCHING UP WITH MURDER (gay-interest/crime)



MAMELON (fantasy) [Book One]: The Dying Planet