Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mamelon: a fantasy novel (Synopsis) (Book One)

Sorry, I have not kept to the start date for a new serial owing to concerns about my prostate cancer, now relegated to a let’s-just-wait-and-see basket.

I love fantasy fiction so couldn’t resist trying it out for myself. It is very experimental (for me) but I hope some readers will enjoy it. A complete (unpublished)  novel,  it is also Book 1 of what I originally planned as a trilogy. (Oh, but such are the well-laid plans of mice, men and wannabe writers! LOL) If the serial is well supported by blog readers, I will publish it in e-format at a later date.

Meanwhile, I am working on Redemption, Book Three of my trilogy Blasphemy-Sacrilege-Redemption and will serialise it on the blog once finished. (Feedback on Blasphemy and Sacrilege previously serialised on the blog has been sufficiently encouraging to motivate me.)

Chapter One of Mamelon will appear on Friday, Jan 11th and I will post a separate glossary of terms on Thursday Jan 10th which can be easily accessed as the story proceeds.

MAMELON: a fantasy novel by Roger N. Taber 

BOOK 1: THE DYING PLANET: (approx 100,000 words)


Thousands of years before the story begins, the planet Earth was struck by a meteor and parts were hurled into space.  One such part was saved from oblivion by the druid, Ca-an, re-directed into a parallel orbit in a parallel time and called Mamelon.

In a Kent suburb at the start of the 21st century, GAIL WRIGHT and husband TIM live with their two sons, 18 year-old MICK and his brother PETE aged thirteen. Their new next-door neighbours are BETHANY MARTIN, Mick’s girlfriend, and her deaf father. Unknown to anyone, least of all the Wright brothers, Gail and Tim have their roots in Mamelon where Gail was once Galia, consort to Mamelon’s ruler, Michal the Great, and Tim was Timon, a Holy Seer.

When Mamelon is threatened with extinction, it is to the mother world that its inhabitants turn for aid and rescue. Mick, Pete and Beth are lured to the dying planet by the wiles of an accident-prone magician called RIKKI. Given to understand that the only way back to Tunbridge Wells, as well as the only hope of saving the planet, lies in the Purple Mountains, the trio resolve to journey there but are split up during an attack by krills; these are scaly creatures, half man-half beast, led by RADIK, an old enemy of Mamelon and lackey to RAGUND, the Dark Mage.  Radik is but one of many enemies the trio will encounter, but they make some good friends too. Apart from Rikki, there is MULAC, surly member of the Nu-gen, a tribe of nomads considered lowest of the low but to whom Beth is involuntarily drawn. Elves, too, have a place as the story unfolds.

Past and present become interwoven and interdependent as the three young people become embroiled with forces of light and dark, good and evil. Subsequently, they must learn to get by on the strength of native instinct and the acquisition of survival skills, the like of which no ordinary person could have summoned in his or her wildest imagination.  It is their very extraordinariness that brings both tragedy and triumph to the Wrights and Bethany.

Watched over, even aided sometimes by their anxious, earthbound parents, the Wright brothers and Bethany are reunited - only to have the various warring factions on Mamelon split them up yet again. Not the least of these, rages between Ragund and the druid, ASTOR. Between past and present, leaning on an old magic for their survival, the two combatants fight it out.

The three young people are finally brought together just in time to make their own way back to the 21st century. Even so, the pull of Mamelon proves hard for them to resist. 

Gail and Tim Wright face a similar dilemma. Do they just sit back and let Mamelon die or risk their own lives and those of their children

Copyright Roger N, Taber c2004; 2013

Note: Book Two: The Purple Mountains is planned.